​Do Hats Cause Hair Loss

It’s a fairly commonly held concept that wearing hats contributes to hair loss. However, for the most part, this is just a myth. Hats are not directly responsible for hair loss and you should be free to wear it without worrying.


While there is no real truth to hats directly causing hair loss, there are a number of reasons why wearing hats can contribute to hair loss. However, these are dependent on added problems that can come from wearing hats.

Pulling Your Hair

Removing your hat will sometimes pull on your hair. For hair that is already thinned or thinning, this can cause your hair to be removed when you remove your hat. If you pull your hat off and on repeatedly throughout the day, this can aggravate your hair and potentially cause some to be pulled out. If you do this a lot, try leaving your hat in place more often and resist the urge to constantly reposition and refit it to your head.

Damaging Your Hair

Constantly wearing a hat can potentially lead to damage of your hair, by both split ends and breakage. Over time, this can cause your hair to lose its health, causing it to thin out and potentially leading to hair loss. Although your hat doesn’t directly lead to hair loss, it can cause damage which will.

Circulation of the Blood

Blood flow and circulation are actually very important for the health of your hair. Proper circulation in the scalp ensures that your hair follicles get the same, helping to maintain the health of your hair follicles and hair. Since this starts at the scalp, it’s important to make sure that this is maintained in order to ensure the circulation of the scalp and so that proper blood gets to your hair roots.

Although it isn’t likely, if you wore a hat tight enough, you could restrict your circulation. If done enough or consistently, this could have an impact on the circulation in your scalp and may cause your hair roots and follicles to get less blood flow. In turn, this would affect the health of the scalp, hair roots, and hair follicles, and could potentially contribute to hair loss.

However, this is not likely. As long as you ensure that your hat is not too tight and is not restricting your circulation, you should have no problems.

Wear Your Hats Freely!

As you can see, the legend that wearing your hat will lead to hair loss is a myth. However, there are a number of things that wearing your hat can do to contribute to hair loss, because these things can cause hair loss. In and of itself, though, hair loss is not caused by wearing hats. So, if you were worried about it, rest easy and keep wearing your hats.